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Doctor Donna Woo Chiropractic and Wellness Center
11435 Allerton Park Dr. Suite #135 Las Vegas, Nevada 89135 Phone: 702.363.2082  Fax: 702.363.2887 Send Doctor Donna Woo an Email

11435 Allerton Park Dr. #135

Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

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Phone: 702 363 2082

Fax: 702 363 2887


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Stories Patients are Sharing

We truly value what our clients have to say about us.....



"Dr. Woo inspires me. I feel so carefully looked after by her. I tell everyone I know about Dr. Woo and how she enhanced my quality of life at work and at rest. I look forward to walking into her office and being swept off my feet by her wonderful staff, literally onto a warm water-jet bed. I have never been to a chiropractor so thorough and thoughtful. Dr. Woo has raised the chiropractic bar above and beyond."

-Matthew (Las Vegas Performer, Summerlin)



"I have been a patient for many years and can highly recommend Dr. Woo. Her professionalism and approach to healing is above reproach. Treatment goes way beyond chiropractic treatment - from exercises, stretching, and nutrition. Dr. Woo is simply the best!"

-Van (Chef, Spring Valley)



"A person does not have to have an injury to seek chiropractic and wellness help. I found that a monthly consultation on proper diet, exercise, stretching and periodic alignments helps keep me in good health. Dr. Donna Woo has a great reputation, excellent chiropractic skills and a pleasant & courteous office."

-Dorothy (Retiree, Sun City Summerlin)



"I always look forward to my appointments. I leave with a feeling of well-being that is overwhelming. I can enjoy my tap dancing for many more years."

-Ileana (Tap Dancer, Summerlin)



"I came here with several problems. I had neck stiffness, a persistent ankle injury and tendonitis in my left forearm. All of these injuries are no longer present. Dr. Woo's continuous treatment has helped rid me of these ailments. Adjustments combined with prescribed stretching and exercises have helped greatly."

-Ron (Facility Coordinator, North Las Vegas)










Dr. Donna W. Woo Chiropractic Wellness Center