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Doctor Donna Woo Chiropractic and Wellness Center
11435 Allerton Park Dr. Suite #135 Las Vegas, Nevada 89135 Phone: 702.363.2082  Fax: 702.363.2887 Send Doctor Donna Woo an Email

11435 Allerton Park Dr. #135

Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

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Phone: 702 363 2082

Fax: 702 363 2887


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Dr. Donna W. Woo Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Welcome to the Dr. Donna W. Woo Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Widely recognized as one of the professional leaders in Summerlin & Las Vegas, Dr. Woo takes great pride in providing the finest Chiropractic and Wellness care to her patients. Dr. Donna W. Woo Chiropractor


The goal at Dr. Donna W. Woo Chiropractic & Wellness Center is to provide a comprehensive wellness program, custom designed to fit the unique wellness needs of each patient. Dr. Woo is truly committed to high standards of personal care and attention to detail that is backed by an environment of continuing education and technological excellence.


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Our Wellness Philosophy

Investing in your body is an investment in your future.....

At Dr. Donna W. Woo Chiropractic & Wellness Center the primary goal is to work with our patients as a team to help our patients live a life of quality and longevity, redefining what healthy really means. We want to help your body communicate with itself, so it can heal itself and keep you functioning at your best. Dr. Woo wants you to not only get well, but to stay well. Treatment and prevention today can not only save

Candles Image thousand of dollars in future medical costs, but helps keep you moving and doing the things in life that you enjoy. Our techniques and methods are designed to help accomplish these goals.

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Our Treatments & Services     Products We Offer

Nano Greens The products that we offer allow our patients to maintain a healthy & happy lifestyle. These products are meant to provide a preventative maintenance base associated with any good wellness program.



  Biopharma - NanoGreens & NanoReds

  Biofreeze Pain Reliever

  Tempur-Pedic Mattresses & Pillows

  Wellness Mats

  Ultimate Cold & Hot Packs

  Foot Levelers

  Wrist Wand

  Liquid Glucosamine



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Las Vegas Chiropractic Table The treatments we offer are as diverse as the patients who receive them, because no two patients have the exact same needs when it comes to their chiropractic and wellness needs.


  Crisis & Critical Transition Care

  Wellness & Lifestyle Care

  Chiropractic Care & Athletic Training

  Graston & Soft Tissue Therapy

  Digital X-ray & Erchonia Cold Laser

  Stress Management & Nutrition

  Children & Youth Athletes

  Running/Walking Group

  Community Education


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